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                                        designs and manufactures a full line of high performance LXI, VXI and
VXIbus products and instrumentation suitable for applications in the Data Acquisition,
Control, and Test and Measurement markets. VXI data acquisition products include
analog-to-digital converters (ADC or A/D) , digital-to-analog converters (DAC or D/A), Digital
Signal Processors (DSP), Digital I/O, counters and timers.  

Product applications include engine testing, automotive and missile testing, wind tunnel data
acquisition and control, acoustics, vibration applications, aircraft component testing, and a
wide range of other demanding applications requiring high performance and high accuracy
with calibration traceable to international standards
Ethernet-based LXI is changing the way engineers and scientists perform Test &
Measurement and Data Acquisition. As more and more PCs ship without expansion slots,
customers are faced with the problem of replacing their T&M and DA equipment. Bustec
believes in the power of distributed systems and the use of IEEE standards.

The newly released ProDAQ 6100 LXI carrier is LXI revision 1.3 compliant and is available as
either class A or class B device. The ProDAQ 6100 is a logical extension of the company’s
VXIbus product line, providing customers the ability to use the over 40 function cards and
signal conditioning modules previously released for use in VXI systems.

The ProDAQ 6100 Carrier is a 1U high, half rack width module into which customers can
integrate up to four of our large range of different ProDAQ function cards. It can be equipped
with Bustec’s standard programmable voltage reference for on-the-fly calibration. The
synchronization of multiple 6100 using IEEE1588 protocol is 20 nsec RMS. With the release of
the ProDAQ 6100 LXI carrier Bustec demonstrates its commitment to international and
enduring standards. Bustec supports equipment for 20 years or longer, which is not achievable
with PC-based standards
ProDAQ Function Cards are designed to deliver highest accuracy and state-of-the-art
performance in the smallest footprint and highest density available to 120 MB/s per
function card, but includes also a flexible trigger scheme and a voltage reference bus
to allow end-to-end calibration.

From the broad range of ProDAQ function cards, you can choose the functionality
you need. Combine Analog-to-digital Converters (ADC), Digital-to-analog Converters
(DAC), Digital Multimeters (DMM), Digital-I/O, Counter/Timer, Industry Bus Interfaces
and more into the available motherboards and carriers to match your system
requirements. Or simply take advantage of the high density to build a multi-channel
system in the smallest footprint available today.

ProDAQ Motherboards and Carriers interface up to eight ProDAQ Function Cards to
an industry standard platform.

" Bustec introduced its ProDAQ 3030, a single-slot C-size VXI slot-0
interface for PCI Express and the ProDAQ 326x family of PC interface
cards. The interface enables test engineers to use PCI Express host PCs in
building test systems that allow test operators to power up the PC and
VXI chassis in any order and to power cycle the VXI chassis without
requiring shutdown of the host. ProDAQ 3030 supports 2eSST (2-edge
source synchronous transfer) transfers, delivering up to 320-Mbytes/s
throughput and less than 2-µs latency for single-word transfers.
The ProDAQ 3261 PCIe card connects to the ProDAQ 3030 using a
high-speed PCI Express serial bus. The ProDAQ 3262 PCI card delivers
backward compatibility so that the ProDAQ 3030 can be used with
PCI-based host PCs."
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