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CME  Reliability Testing Solutions  
Multi-Axial Simulation Table
KRD60 Series 3 DOF simulation table simulates various
mechanical, electrical, and electronic products installed on ships,
seaplanes, and other equipment to perform sway and tilt tests to
determine the ability and structural integrity of the product to
withstand severe sway and tilt requirements. The tilt test is mainly
applicable to large-angle tilt caused by ship damage, manipulation,
imbalance in loading and unloading, and wind. The sway test is
mainly applicable to long-term swaying of the ship due to external
forces such as wind and waves, which must be maintained normally
or products that work reliably, and products that have a significant
impact on their performance in a rocking environment.
KRD61 series 6-DOF simulation table is a closed-loop
servo simulation platform consisting of six servo actuators
and six sets of dedicated hinges connected at the top and
bottom platforms respectively. By virtue of the telescopic
movement of the six actuators, the upper platform moves
in six degrees of freedom (X, Y, Z, α, β, γ), so various
space motion attitudes can be simulated.