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SRS Test Systems
KRD14 series pendulum shock response
spectrum tester
is used to measure and determine
the shock resistance of electrical and electronic
products or packaging, and to evaluate the reliability
and structural integrity of the test product in a shock
environment. The shock response spectrum is the total
result of a series of single-degree-of-freedom linear
systems with different natural frequencies subjected to
the same shock excitation response. When a product is
subjected to an impact, the maximum value of its impact
response means that the product has a maximum
stress. Therefore, the shock response spectrum tester
can better simulate the shock wave and shock energy
suffered in the real environment.
KRD15 series is the state-of-the-art shock response
spectrum tester
that adopts compressed gas energy to
provide impact energy, push the shock hammer to impact the
resonance plate, and generate high energy shock. Comparing
to traditional pendulum shock response spectrum tester, this
machine has the advantages of high energy, stable
performance, high reliability, good repeatability, easy
adjustment, safety and environmental protection. It is mainly
applied in the industries of aerospace, aviation and ships.