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Custom Thermal Fixtures
If you are looking for assistance relating to a
looking for a complete new thermal fixture, or
looking to replacing an existing thermal fixture
then you have come to the right place….
                                        ...... We have it all!
We design, manufacture, built-to-print, service and support CUSTOM THERMAL FIXTURES for use
in hot and cold temperature testing of semiconductor components, MCMs, PC boards or small or
multiples of small to medium size assemblies.
Uniquely designed thermal test fixtures are
developed to your test requirements. Our designs
consider the many complexities of electronic
testing of microelectronic devices at temperature
and represent decades of experience in the
design and manufacturing of THERMAL
self-contained fixtures that require no external air
or gas for extreme low to high temperature
applications and they designed to eliminate frost
and ESD associated with extreme thermal testing.
We also offer thermal fixtures them are RF
shielded and for Pick & Place application we offer
probes for working inside the fixture.  

Our THERMAL FIXTURES connect directly to
your thermal system such as Temptronic or
Thermonics air stream products or similar device
for use in application using custom test fixtures
for board or products testing, or Semiconductor
component tester such as Advantest,
Impact/EATON, Analog Devices, Teradyne, or
Sentry to name a few.

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