Package Test Machines

Velocity/Energy Calibration

Product Performance Testing

VS200:- Single pass pre impact velocity sensor

VS300: - Dual pass, pre and rebound velocity

PCVS: - PC ISA Slot VS 200/300 electronics sensor
Impact Velocity Sensor:
Impact Energy & Loss
Materials Restitution


Non-Contacting Optical Sensor:
Does not interfere with test machine, compensates
for machine friction and air drag.

Calibrated Optical Head:

Calibration Samples No Longer Required:
Since the velocity of each test is recorded,
expensive calibration samples and procedures are

System Accuracy:
Better than 1% when using recommended target flag

Scope Sync Output:
Provides trigger for data recording systems.
Establishes data zero.

Digital Electronics:
All solid state with quartz crystal control and LED
display. Accuracy is built in, no calibration required.

Full 5 Digit Display:
Displays time in milliseconds. Resolves time to 0.01
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