GHI Systems Incorporated is a leader
improve environment measurement
and simulation technologies.

commercial PC based shock data the
Computer Aided Test (CAT) system in
the late 1970's. Since then, GHI has
improved the productivity of thousands
of customers with products like the
CAT fast transient shock and vibration
data capture & analysis system, impact
velocity sensors, improve their
products by making them safer, more
reliable and more cost effective. In
1990, GHI introduced the industry's
first portable PC-based 1 MHz digitizer
system, the LapCAT.
RVM-III Rotary Shaker Machine

Shock Machines:
Environmental Shock Simulation
Rotary Shock Machines
Linear Shock Machines

Data Acquisition:
Turn-Key Or Custom Data Capture

WinCAT Software
WinSRS Software
Damage Potential Software

Other Specialty Items:
Impact Velocity Sensors
CYLEX Silver awarded company
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