ISO 9001  and or Mil spec I 45208

Type of Products: Cabinets and Enclosures for use in;
CLEC, Co-location, Electronics, EMI/RFI Shielded,
Broadcasting, Medical, Ship board also
If it can be
made from metal we can make it right and at the best

Application such as: Submarine, Helicopter, Aviation,
Baggage handling, Electronic products, heat sinks,
brackets, & control panels
Just to list a few.

Hopewell also provides drawings packages, all type of
finishes, screening, assemble, equipment integration,
machine & drawn parts, hot dipping & custom
gaskets..... so you can have a complete product from
one business partner!  

For additional info call 386-801-4290 or email,
CYLEX Silver awarded company
....  There is always a way...if you are commited !