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IMV boast as the World's No 1 in the
electrodynamic testing system with high quality
cutting edge technology.  Whether you need a
small table top or a single axis with up to  4"
displacement, or a 2 axis, or a 3 axis or 6 DOF or
environmental vibration system or a custom
system IMV has the solution for you at
competitive prices and QUICK delivery
of less
then 6 months on most systems
CYLEX Silver awarded company
....  There is always a way...if you are commited !

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The world's First Fully Automatic  
ECO-SMART Test System !
Products Offered :

  • EM-series (ECO-Shaker)
  • Replacement to ECO amplifier

Basic Systems (Single Axis),

Compact Type
  • m-series, (Low noise and compact vibration test systems)
  • PET-series (Compact)
  • VSH-series (Wide Frequency Band Type)

Basic Systems (Multi Axis)
  • DS-series (2 Axis Simultaneous)
  • DC-series (2 Axis Sequential)
  • TS-series (3 Axis Simultaneous)
  • TC-series (3 Axis Sequential)
  • 6DOF type Tri-axial Vibration Test Systems
  • Large Scale 6DOF Vibration Test Systems

Temperature, Humidity & Vibration (Combined)
  • Temperature, Humidity & Vibration

Replacement Amplifiers for Ling, UD, LDS, MB and other Shakers
A new standard created by listening to
our customer  

A wider range of test requirements &
higher test specifications

A-series meets the needs for such a
versatile test environment

Advance automatic energy saving,
high level of functionality and a
protected test environment

A-series improves the working
environment of vibration testing
NEW ..  
A-series  AIR COOLED
Ranging from 680lbf  w/ 1.2" P-P
to 16,700lbf  w/ 3"p-p stroke