With more than 25 years of expertise
interfacing to the major ATE
equipment and stand alone test
station (Rack and Stack), Khoury can
design hot & cold test temperature
chambers, fixtures & RF test fixtures
that work with any air jet temperature
forcing Systems.

Khoury can also design &
build-to-print your life cycle test

Khoury can provide your unique
equipment needs!
Khoury Industries is helping the Military manufacturing
equipment to ensure the war fighter the most reliable and
understands that key components for an aircraft demand
that long range missile testing is necessary to ensure the
fighter is at a safe distance. Our products help in the
continued effort for domination over our enemies.   
Whether it is space exploration technologies for NASA or
satellite systems for global communications, Khoury
satellite systems for global communications, Khoury
Industries provides thermal test fixtures which can
operate at maximum low temperatures (-60c) and high
(225c) temperature conditions.
From wireless communications and voice-over-internet
phones (VoIP) to fiber optic splicing and testing, the
communications field is growing in leap and bounds
everyday. This and other electrical and electronic
innovations need to meet stringent testing to make sure it
holds up against the competition.
Today's automobile incorporate technical product that
in-depth testing. Our temperature test fixtures allow for
manufacturers to quickly test their specific application by
providing enclosures that allow for high volume capacity.
These enclosures also ensure solutions to specifically
target their specific parts and or specific areas of a part.
Khoury Industries provides temperature test fixtures and
enclosures to the medical industry and pharmaceutical
companies to provide the highest quality equipment and
medications. Temperature test fixtures and enclosures
allow the precision necessary in designing and building
life-saving equipment in addition to implantable and
surgical devices.
CYLEX Silver awarded company
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