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  • True independent 3-axis
  • No axis changeover
  • 100% electric servo, NO hydraulics
  • Vibration speed  1 Hz to 300 Hz
  • Displacements of +- 25 mm and to +-
  • Standard table sizes up to 2500mm
    x 2500mm
  • Acceleration to 2.5 G
  • Velocity 700 to 3000 mm/sec
Single, Dual or 3 AXIS
Adds Roll, Pitch, and Yaw
for special applications
4 Post Vibration Tester
Drop Tester
Vertical Impact
product. The HYDROTECH is a
revolutionary product that can
replace your current, leaking, noisy,
high maintenance, and expensive
hydraulic system with a 100% self
contained electro-servo actuation
module. The HYDROTECH offers
improvements in electric power
consumption, using only 4% of the
existing oil and removes all of the
tripping hazards due to the
connecting pipes between hydraulic
systems. Maintenance time is
reduced for general upkeep,
hydraulic fluid replacement time, and
hydraulic system adjustment along
with other time consuming tasks.
The HydroTech - Hydraulic Replacement Unit
Kokusai was founded in 1969 and its world headquarters are located in Tokyo, Japan.  
The new US facility was selected to accommodate business growth from the
packaging, aerospace, automotive & tire industries. “This larger facility will enable us
to manufacture more products as well as increase product development focused on
the North American market”, says John Funcheon, vice president and GM of Kokusai,
USA. “The new location will also allow more room for customer product
demonstrations and for equipment acceptance testing.”
Product Compression
Product Side Impact
CYLEX Silver awarded company
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