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Landrex Technologies is an ISO-9001
certified Global Test Solutions
Provider. Founded in 1989, Landrex
Technologies provides high-quality,
high-value test and test automation
systems, including AOI, in-circuit and
MDA test fixtures and programming
services, functional test systems and
fixtures, spring contact probes,
fixture kits, and components.
Landrex acquired Teradyne's OptimaTM Automated
Optical Inspection (AOI) product line, including patents
Landrex is now positioned to provide the electronics
Landrex acquired Teradyne's OptimaTM Automated
manufacturing industry with reliable, high-performance
Optical Inspection (AOI) product line, including patents
and trade mark rights and other intellectual property.
Landrex is now positioned to provide the electronics
manufacturing industry with reliable, high-performance
AOI systems at competitive prices. At the same time,
Landrex became a Teradyne Authorized Representative
(TAR) for In-Circuit Test (ICT) products as well; we
can furnish a total test solution for PCB assembly line
to our customers.
About Landrex
Landrex  / Teradyne's Optima ONE & THE SAME !

Landrex Technologies has recently introduced some exciting
products in the AOI (Automated Optical Inspection) space.
These products are an extension of the patented technology
(lighting, warping, magnification etc..) Teradyne based AOI
systems that are prevalent in the industry for the past 15
years. Landrex Technologies have enhanced the robust Teradyne
systems, with a color camera system, a Laser AOI system for
Z-height measurement of devices and a technologically advanced
bench-top AOI system.
#5: Compatibility
Systems are backward compatible. Older Teradyne systems can be upgraded with the
latest Landrex technology protecting your future investments.

#4: Pre and Post reflow
Understanding the differences in the process steps, Landrex offers a dedicated pre and post reflow AOI
system as placement monitoring (on a 0.1 mm process) and process improvement (better GAGE R&R)
are key benefits for pre-reflow.

#3: Programming and Throughput
Graphical driven programming environment combined with features to enhance performance and reduce re-learns
(programming known margins, measuring quality of detection etc..) ensures a higher quality program.  High
throughput systems can test a 10 X 10 in board in less than 15 secs. (including handling and diagnostics).

#2: Cost (up front and ongoing)
Low up front cost of the systems combined with lower ongoing costs due to higher MTBF (average 3000 hours) and
an average of less than 50 ppm false call rate make the Landrex systems an attractive investment.

#1: Lowest False failure and False accept rates
Using patented technology in three key areas enable Landrex to have the lowest false failure
and accept rates in the industry.
Patented structured lighting (400 LED’s) adjusted by angle, direction and intensity can be programmed for each
defect type giving the user precise control
Precise linear motors with I micron encoders enable measurement repeatability in the X-Y axis of +/- 0.75 Micro-
meter @ 1 sigma. This accuracy also enables very high system to system repeatability.
Spending up front time using tools like performance curves to measure the quality of your detection, and having
known margins brings program stability and unnecessary fine-tuning of programs at a later stage.
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