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ENVIRO - Envoromental Chambers

The ENVIRO Line of Environmental Chambers is the outcome of continual improvement of NAE
North American Envirosystems. The climatic chambers are uniquely designed to suit any
ergonomic conditions.
OXY FOG - Corrosion Chambers

The OXY FOG series includes basic Salt Spray and Cyclic Corrosion Test Chambers. The
chambers couple modernized design, up-to-date technology with competitive pricing; an
unbeatable combination.
MINI - Benchtop Chamber

The MINI Bench top chambers are compact sized humidity chambers which can be placed on a
work bench or on the optional stand. These chambers are small, light weight and maintain low
audible noise which is ideal for confined work spaces in small laboratory environments.  
TITAN - Walk-in Chambers

The TITAN series of Walk - in Chambers are specially designed for testing
specimens of comparatively larger sizes. Construction of Walk-in chambers is made
of Panelized PUF or Fiber wool insulated panels suitable to simulation parameters
of temperature and humidity.
PHARMA - Stability Chambers

The PHARMA series Stability chambers is specially designed for steady state applications. These
simulators have a wide range of test capabilities which will cater to the requirement of Bio-medical
and Pharmaceutical industries as per ICH guidelines.
ARTIC - Deep Freezer

The ARTIC range of Deep freezers is specially designed for storage and preservation
needs of Bio-medical and Pharmaceutical industries. These freezers are designed with
low conductivity insulation and conduction cooling technology ensuring the specimen is
preserved even during downtime.
DUNES - Dust Test Chambers

DUNES BIS range of dust chambers is designed for the simulation of Dust in a controlled
atmosphere in accordance to ISO:9000 standards.  DUNES IEC range is designed for the
simulation of Dust in a controlled atmosphere in accordance to IEC-600529 DIN-40050 IP5X
& IP6X, SAE-J575, ISO-20653 and IEC-60068-2-68 standards.  
These equipments are mainly used for evaluating the effects of dust-laden environments.
The chambers are elegantly developed with a unique and yet simple design with uniform
dust circulation.
SPRING - Rain Test Chambers

SPRING – Rain Chambers Designed for the simulation of Rain/Water Spray as per IEC-
60529, IS-9000 Part XVI-1983 and JIS-D 0203-1976 with features like fully Non-corrosive
interior and exterior. The chambers provide water flow patterns in compliance with IPX1 –
IPX4 and R1, R2, S1 and S2 standards.
RICHTER - Thermal Shock Chambers

The extreme thermal shock simulation of temperature is conducted in two zones of hot
and cold that can be controlled independently and an optional third zone. The single
basket specimen carrier moves vertically, from one zone to the other, subjecting the
specimen to dramatic changes in temperature thus creating a temperature shock and
thereby detecting specimen flaws.
ARID - Tray Dryers

ARID Tray Dryers are ideally suitable for use of drying Mushrooms, Ginger,
Areca nut, Chilies, Spices, Noodles, Potatoes, Potato Chips, Onions, Fish,
Garlic, Grapes, Cashew nuts, Confectionary and various other moisture
content specimens dried under sunrays. Tray Dryers are also used in heating
in Tray Dryers will be done by electric or steam or both combined. The drying
process is carried out by de-hydration technology of removing the moisture
from the specimen.
SAHARA - Ovens

The Sahara Series of Oven Dry-Heat Chambers is designed for the simulation of
Extreme heat in particular for longevity, ageing, Burn-in and accelerated stability tests
in R & D, Quality testing and Process control laboratories worldwide.
EVEREST - Altitude Chambers

EVEREST – Altitude Test Chambers are specially designed for the testing of avionics
aerospace and products which are exposed to high altitude conditions. These simulators
descend. Optional models are available with humidity to perform the CATH Combined
Altitude Temperature & Humidity cycle.
Custom Chambers


Multiple paint spray booths with individual spray booths having precise
control of temperature and humidity, with a continuous evacuation of
paint fumes.


Insulator testing chambers for the simulation of different temperatures
from ultra low to high temperature with tensile loads for evaluating the
quality and reliability of insulators.


The chamber offers  with a unique rapid de-compression unit where
vacuum levels of 1 Torr is achieved in less than 1 minute.
DIGI-TOUCH - Touch Screen Controller

The DIGI-TOUCH Color Touch Screen Controller is built around a
high performance core with integrated functionality. This core allows
the DIGI-TOUCH to perform many of the normal features of the
paradigm range touch screen controllers while improving and
adding new features. The DIGI-TOUCH allows a user to easily view
and access information through the 5.7” touch screen and through
Internet Explorer using a PC. In addition the DIGI-TOUCH features
USB for fast downloads and access to trending and Data logging
information. The DIGI-TOUCH is a web enabled controller and
allows remote access using the internet through the Ethernet port.

NAE provides environmental testing solutions that will exceed the most demanding expectations.
Tomorrows Environmental Solutions
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