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You do have a choice !

To buy high quality AMERICAN
made Replacement Amplifiers with
local support at competitive price !
Replacement Power Amplifiers
For Ling, UD, Data Physics, LDS and all others
Shakers with delivery in a week or two!
The D series of Digitally Modulated Amplifier
quality and local support. They are highly
GREEN, air cooled, modular
high-power solid state, class D, amplifiers
and are designed for continuous operation in
The D series of Digitally Modulated Amplifier
vibration testing when used with the The D
series of Digitally Modulated Amplifier series
of Digitally Modulated Amplifier appropriate
shaker, and or slip table and product line are
designed and manufactured instrumentation.
The D series is price competitive and can be
configured to REPLACE any existing
amplifier system or any new shake as well.
The D series is configurable from 6kVA to
72kVA so it offer the correct power
requirement to run any UNHOLTZ-DICKIE,
EST, MB, LDS, or TIRA and will interface with
any controller such as Vibration Research,
CYLEX Silver awarded company
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CYLEX Silver awarded company
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