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TEAC LX-100 Series

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CYLEX Silver awarded company
LX Series Recording Unit Recording and playback performance that exceeds DAT Data
The new LX Series data recording system from TEAC has been designed for fast set-up,
reliable recording, and versatile playback in your data recording applications in the
laboratory and in the field. Following-on from the convenience of DAT recorders, the LX
Series enables recording in wider bandwidths. The series has strengthened connectivity
with sensors, PCs and analysis applications; achieves fast data processing; and is
designed to lower data recording costs.

Versatile data recording system can interface many applications and popular analysis
software packages

LX-10 Series
The LX-10 Series provides basic recording and playback performance with selections of
recording media and input/output configurations.

LX-20 Series
In addition to all recording and playback features of the LX-10 Series, the LX-20 Series
provides the selection of additional sampling rate series, Tachometer pulse inputs, and
a signal generator feature.
Connecting with Applications

The LX Series provides a divers set of connections to popular data analysis
applications, which enables efficiency in all steps of the process; from experiment setup
to data recording and processing.
solid state portable data recorders
LX Series
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