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Vibration Testing System
If you are looking for assistance relating to Vibration Testing System then you come to the right place…. We have it all!

Whether you are looking for a complete new system we offer the complete line of ED shakers from 4 lbf to 45k lbf, or looking to
replacing one of the major system components such as the power amplifier, or the shake, or a new controller, old fixtures replacement
/ repair or in need of On-Site Field Service to repair your existing system, or maybe you want to extend the stoke or trade up to larger
or small or you need a slip table added or maybe you need parts such as flexures, field coils, bearings, armature repaired, rewind your
armature, or replace you old OPS system, air bags or just need some hoses or filter…. we can help you with your Ling, Unholtz Dickie,
MB Dynamics, Data Physics, LDS, Tira, Spectral Dynamics, EST, ETS, Dynamic Solutions or Thermotron
We service and support Electric Dynamic Vibration System manufactured by Unholtz-Dickie, Ling, Data Physics, LDS,
Spectral Dynamics, Tira, MB Dynamics, Thermotron, ETS, Dynamics Solutions, EST, Dactron and others.
We recommend Vibration Research because it is the leader in the
industry; it is competitively price, user friendly, made in the USA, and
by far offers support not found anywhere else.  The VR9500
controller is robust and offer extensive software. The Vibration
Research VR9500 controller is a direct replacement for Spectral
Dynamics controller's such as the Puma & Cougar & Jaguar & the old
2552’s as well. The VR9500 also is a direct replacement for Data
Physics SignalStar controllers, Unholtz Dickie controller, LDS
controllers such as the Comet & Laser, Dactron controllers, Ling
controllers, or all other system such as MB Dynamics, Tira, EST,
ETS, Dynamic Solutions or Thermotron and others. Did I mention
that the VR9500 controller can be used for drop shock using the
transiant capture software, yes it can. And also control your hydrolic
shaker as well.
Looking for a replacement amplifier for your Ling, Unholtz Dickie, MB
Dynamics, Data Physics, LDS, Tira, Spectral Dynamics, EST, ETS,
Dynamic Solutions, Thermotron or any other shaker you we can
provide you air cooled or water cooled high quality, high efficiency
GREEN amplifiers to meet your needs.  
We offer all sizes of shaker from 4 lbf table top to 45 kflb in 1", 2" &
3" displacement in both new & reconditioned.
We offer parts, factory repair, field service, maintenance contracts,
preventative maintenance, armature rewinding, armature
replacements, amplifier repair, cooling blowers, water cooling service,
oil cooling service, slip tables retrofits, system calibration, operational
vibration training, vibration maintenance training, vibration lab design,
vibration lab project management, vibration lab construction, &
vibration equipment commissioning. If it has to do with vibration
testing, vibration testing system or vibration equipment we got you

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We offer the complete line of HIGH Quality ED shakers & amplifiers
systems ranging for 4 lbsF to 45K lbF  in 1" to 4" displacement. As
well as multi-axis, sequential or simultaneous up to 6 DOF and
AGREE systems.
CYLEX Silver awarded company
....  There is always a way...if you are commited !