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CME  Reliability Testing Solutions  
Drop Shock Test Systems
KRD40 series drop tester, mainly simulates the
resistance to drop and impact of large and heavy
packaging products. Its strong power system and
unique sample holder facilitate easy loading and
unloading of oversized and overweight items and
automatically rise to the setting. After the height, the
drop test is completed. It can realize the drop test of the
edge, surface and angle of the sample. This equipment
is mainly used to evaluate the ability of product or
packaging to withstand drops during transportation and
loading and unloading, so as to improve product and
packaging design.
KRD41 series small drop tester is suitable for free-fall
test of small consumer electronics and components such as
mobile phones, walkie-talkies, electronic dictionaries, CD /
MD / MP3 and so on, applicable standards JISC 0044 and
IEC 60068-2-32. Through standard tests on electronic
products (surface drop, corner drop, edge drop, etc.) and
collecting data, it simulates the vertical drop impact of
electronic products during transportation and handling. It
provides a basis for the design of the product's buffer and
vibration damping and the selection of structural materials.