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CME  Reliability Testing Solutions  
Packaging Test System

KRD100 series incline impact tester simulates the ability of
product packaging to resist shock damage in the actual
environment, such as handling, stacking of shelves, sliding of
motors, loading and unloading of locomotives, product
transportation, etc. This machine can also be used as a
common test equipment for scientific research institutions,
colleges and universities, packaging technology test centers,
packaging materials manufacturing plants, and foreign trade,
transportation and other departments to conduct incline impact
KRD101 Series Packaging Compression Tester is
designed to evaluate the compressive strength of packaging
in order to prevent the product from deforming or being
damaged during handling, stacking, storage, and
transportation due to insufficient packaging strength. This
machine is one of the main testing equipment for corrugated
packaging performance and comprehensive indicators, and
is an ideal testing equipment for papermaking, packaging,
commodity inspection, scientific research and other
KRD102 series clamping force tester is an indispensable test
method for improving products into high-quality fields. It is suitable
for research, development, quality control and manufacturing of
electronics, electromechanical, optoelectronic, automotive, toy,
packaging and other industries. It can simulate the situation that
the goods in the container are clamped when they are transported
from the container to the warehouse. Whether the goods are
damaged due to the clamping, so as to evaluate the anti- clamping
ability of the packaging.