DataChart® Compact Data Logger Series offers a
complete line of miniature devices with robust designs
for reliable, accurate recording of the most common RF
multi-channel packages are all supported by our award
winning Windows compatible software.  Our software
offers complete configuration and control of any of our
DataChart® Compact Data Logger Series devices.
Powerful graphing and simple communications make
your information easy to archive, document and share
with others. Recorders are availably in Temperature,
Humidity, Voltage, Current, State, Event, Pulse,
Pressure, pH, Shock, Bridge, Strain, Level, & Tilt. Many
sensors are availably in single, 4, & 8 channel and
many are offered in miniature, submersible & rugged
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Data Chart 6000

The DataChart 6000 is the
most advanced paperless
recording system available.
It incorporates the latest in
measurement, communication,
interface and processing
technologies to deliver
unmatched performance for
your data acquisition application.
The DataChart 6000 is like no
other paperless recorder available.
We listened carefully to our product
users and developed a device with
the unique features they demanded.


The DC1250 is a feature
rich digital recording system
offering 2 universally
configurable isolated inputs
for measuring DC voltage,
DC current, thermocouples,
RTD's as well as frequency
and pulse inputs. 4 internal
alarm set points, 2 alarm relay
outputs and 1 digital control
input are all standard. Combining
small package size with extreme
flexibility make the DataChart 1250
a powerful, yet economical, digital
data recording system.

DataChart: DC2000

The Data-Chart 2000 has
2, 4, 6 or 12 direct universal
isolated inputs that are menu
selectable for DC voltage,
DC current and thermocouples.
The intuitive Touchscreen
control provides easy, fast set
up and operation.
CYLEX Silver awarded company
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