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We offer parts, factory repair, field service,
maintenance contracts, preventative maintenance,
armature rewinding, armature replacements,
amplifier repair, cooling blowers, water cooling
service, oil cooling service, slip tables retrofits,
system calibration, operational vibration training,
vibration maintenance training, vibration lab design,
vibration lab project management, vibration lab
construction, & vibration equipment commissioning.
If it has to do with vibration testing, vibration testing
system or vibration equipment we got you covered.

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QAI    Field Service

We have been servicing commercial and industrial equipment for over 30 years. We offer on-site service on all
electrical and mechanical such as shaker systems, thermal chambers, and production equipment / machinery.    
CYLEX Silver awarded company
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Whether you are looking for a complete new system, or looking to replacing one of the major system components such as the
power amplifier, or the shake, or you need a new controller, old fixtures replacement / repair or are looking for On-Site Field
Service to repair your existing system, or maybe you want to extend the stoke or trade up to larger or small or you need a slip table
added or maybe you need parts such as flexures, field coils, bearings, armature repaired, rewind your armature, or replace you old
OPS system, air bags or just need some hoses or filter…. we can help you with your Ling, Unholtz Dickie, MB Dynamics, Data
Physics, LDS, Tira, Spectral Dynamics, EST, ETS, Dynamic Solutions or Thermotron
Commissioning, Decommissioning and Startup;
As you know there many people and thousand of
miles of trucking involved in the relocation of these
systems and most likely none of people have any
in-depth knowledge of the system. Commissioning &
Startup is process that provides assurance that the
equipment was not damage in transit, electrically it
is connected properly, the cooling system and
lubrication pump, air supply are installed correctly
and working and the system is brought to power and
tested correctly. Most warranty require
Commissioning and Startup by authorized personnel
only. Commissioning and Startup is an option and is
always quoted as a septate line item. Some labs
have experienced repair personnel but most don't so
we suggest that you understand you liability and you
decide if you are willing to take the risk with used
equipment but with new equipment it is really a
"must have"  and required to protect the investment.
....  There is always a way...if you are commited !

Equipment Inspections;
Looking to pruchassing used equipment we can
inspect, evaluate it.