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Used Equipment
There is a great difference between a “used” piece of test equipment
and a true rebuild/refurbished. All of our shakers are completely
disassembled to the individual nuts & bolts, all parts are thoroughly
inspected, and then replaced as needed. Here is a basic list of
refurbishment tasks:

•        Complete system disassembly
•        Check all flexures & sheer mounts
•        Replace bearings
•        Replace bearing shaft
•        Check centering system
•        Clean entire shaker system
•        Inspect armature for wear or problems
•        Inspect Field Coils
•        Check all terminals and screws
•        Check all safety interlocks & mate to new amplifier
•        Run complete checkout of system
•        Repaint to customer specified color
•        Final assembly & run customer supplied profiles

Our target system price is a fraction of a new system, while offering the
same 1-year warranty. We have a proven track-record of providing
reliable dependable systems at a greater value compared to the cost of
new equipment. We have references available if you would like to
speak directly with our customers. You can purchase with confidence,
as all of our equipment is outfitted with the latest controls, so it look like
new, and runs like new..
What the difference between a “used” piece of
equipment and a true rebuild/refurbished ?
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