The VR9500. A Revolution through Innovation.

Since inception, Vibration Research Corporation has been
considered a pioneer and leader in the field of vibration
control. Our advantage is clear: Innovation. We listen to you,
our customer, and focus on providing you with the features
that you want. Our 5th generation controller represents such
significant advancements in vibration control technology
that it can only be dubbed by a single word:
Nothing will ever be the same.

What's New?

  • Unprecedented 26,000 spectral lines – an industry maximum
  • Up to 128 channels
  • Control Sine, Random or Shock to 50,000 Hz
  • 241 sample rates from 100 Hz to 200,000 Hz
  • Extremely low noise floor (<70nV/√Hz)
  • Up to 32 true floating-point Sine tones with Sine-on-Random
  • <-100 dB THD+N
  • >130 dB dynamic range
  • Front input status LED’s with 200VAC peak fuse protection
  • Redundant calibration monitoring
  • *** 3 Year Warranty ***
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The Hardware

We pride ourselves in a quality product and outstanding customer support. You can rest easy that both are taken
care of with your VR9500 Revolution.

  1. Front End Signal Processing Box. The Revolution uses a high speed RISC processor, which is capable
    of quickly processing large amounts of data.
  2. High Sample Rates. Runs vibration tests efficiently at both low and high sample rates, and with up to
    26,000 lines of resolution for random testing.
  3. PC Congfiguration. Does NOT require any board in the PC. All the critical calculations are done directly in
    the hardware box, with the results communicated via Ethernet connection to the PC.
  4. Low PC Requirements. The PC is only used for user interface and data storage so the PC requirements
    are quite low.
  5. High Analog Channel Count. From 1 to 128 input channels (in blocks of 4 channel controllers)
  6. Control Loops. Up to 4 simultaneous control loops.
  7. Ethernet connection:
       1. Eliminates the grounding issues created by a USB connection or PCI cards.
       2. Ethernet is great for getting rid of 50/60 Hz noise problems.
  1. TEDS Interface - the software reads the calibration information right off of the accelerometers (if available).
  2. Power requirements: 90-250VAC, 50/60Hz, 1.2/0.7A
The Software
The VibrationVIEW  version 2014........ More Functionality...... More Capability

Software Modules Details

RecorderVIEW Details

Training Program
Vibration Research Corporation offers training on our controllers. Don't miss out on this opportunity to learn more
about vibration control. These courses will help you and your lab become more efficient and knowledgeable in the
vibration test world. Keep ahead of your competition by learning and using the latest technology available! Click
here for details.

Upgrades & Support Agreements
Is your controller up-to-date with the latest software developments, features, and enhancements? To receive major
software upgrades, unlimited technical support and more, we encourage you to renew your Upgrades & Support
Agreements! Visit our Upgrades & Support Agreement page for details.

  • "Our system is up and running without problems. We love the easy to use features and already wonder why we waited so long
    to replace our xxx system."

  • catching up with vibration test reports and am very appreciative of how the system is set up. The data for the reports being  
    written was recorded in early December of 2000. The data is all there, and there are no problems. THANKS!"

  • "Your stuff is really good equipment and we really are pretty impressed with the kind of help we get when we need it too! Other
    vendors tend to not support their stuff as well as you do. Means we obviously will stick with VR's equipment when it comes to
    vibe controllers if I have anything to say about it."

  • "Thank you so much!! I wish I could convince everyone to use VRC controllers...easy to use and the support is incredible!
    Thanks again..."

  • "You guys make fabulous software!"

  • "I knew I went to the right place when I bought this system!! You guys are the greatest!! Thanks!!"

  • "I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of you for your support over the years. I've been in this business a long time
    and have been blessed with working with some super companies, and you're one of them. You guy's have been great as far
    as service, technical support,and responsiveness. These attributes, as well as an excellent product line, completes the entire
    package of a quality organization. Well done, and I look forward to working with you in the future"

  • "I wanted to say thank you for all of your help over the past years and especially over the last couple of months. Your service
    has been fast and greatly appreciated."

  • "Thanks for your prompt reply and resolution. Your tech and customer support is outstanding!"

  • "Just so you know Vibration Research controllers have been amazing and the support I get from all you has been above and
    beyond and I thank all of you for the help and support."
ObserVR1000® Dynamic Signal Analyzer

The ObserVR1000 can be used as a portable dynamic
signal analyzer and vibration controller. No special
boards, drivers, or PC are required. Simply press the
record button to begin streaming data to the on-board
SD card. Customize, monitor, and report your data with
any smartphone, tablet, or laptop.

Skeptical that we can't meet your standards? Put
us to the test. We'll let you try our products for
30 days. Once you use them, we think you'll be

Use NFC connection to a smart device to set up,
monitor, and interact with the ObserVR1000. Don't have
a smartphone? Simply press record to stream the data
to an SD card.
Vibration Research